Star Wars: BattleCry is the free, standalone 'spiritual successor' to the popular and successful Star Wars: Battlefront series. We are doing what has failed to be done in over 8 years. We want to bring you the Battlefront experience. Being developed in CryEngine 3, we will be delivering a high quality game with modern visuals and exciting gameplay. We are dedicated to bringing you the Battlefront experience once again but with the possibility of all new game modes never before seen in the Battlefront series and seamless ground-to-space combat creating some of the biggest battles ever seen in a Star Wars game!

Voting Terminal

How fighters should be aimed to handle and control?
Battlefront type is cool.
Like Roque squadron.
Battlefront type for Flight Mode + VTOL type for Landing Mode
Just make them fly.
Total votes: 54


we are not making profit off any donations received. everything raised will go towards buying servers for the game and website.