Join the Team!



  • Programmer (C++, Lua, ActionScript)
  • Environment Artist (General environments, terrains)
  • Character Artist
  • 3D Artist (Weapons, Vehicles)
  • Sound Designer
  • Animator
  • VFX Artist




  • Programmer - C++ is the main game language, Lua is used for many of the entities and game rules. Flash is used for the GUI functionality.
  • Environment Artist - You need to be able to implement your own assets, that means being able to use the CRYENGINE exporter for one of the currently supported 3D packages (officially: Max, Maya; community: Blender, Softimage). Furthermore, being able to create terrains using sculpting software and tools like WorldMachine is a big plus.
  • Character Artist/3D Artist - You don't need to be able to rig/skin your own characters/weapons/vehicles, it is a plus though. You will still need to create and adjust materials in CE etc.
  • Sound Designer - FMOD is the sound system we use, so experience with that is a plus, but not necessary as it's easy to learn.
  • Animator - Includes creating skeletons and rigs. You need to be able to export animations and rigs, skin characters.
  • VFX Artist - You need to be able to create your own textures for the effects.



Even if your specific skill set is not listed above you should still apply as we are always looking for talented people that can contribute to the project!