Who are we?

We are a team of Star Wars fans from around the world creating our vision of a spiritual successor to Pandemics Star Wars: Battlefront series.

Why are we making this game?

We enjoy working on this game on our free time to deliver the highest quality game we possibly can.

Team Members

rocknroll237 | Team Lead

Ben | Programmer, 3D Artist, Level Designer

SharkY | Programmer, 3D Artist, Level Designer

Altureus | Musician, Sound Designer

De'Lante Capers | Voice Actor

Mandosis | 2D Artist, Web Developer

Richard Goulet | Sound Designer

Vareeg | 3D Artist

Ben Halligan | 3D Artist, Level Designer

Dnamro |

Niall Horn |

Want to help?

We are always looking for talented people to join the team. If you would like to help, apply here!